Preparing for Your Real Estate Closing

Preparing for Your Real Estate Closing

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Now that you have entered into an agreement to purchase your new home and your loan has been approved you can start preparing for your real estate closing. Of course, you will want title isuranc and have someone represent you at the closing.

Why should you have Midstate Abstract Company conduct your real estate closing?

You have the assurance your closing agent will handle all matters relating to your closing. Someone will contact you in order to obtain the essential information needed for preparation of the deed, mortgage and other documents, such as:

  • How do you plan to hold title to the property? Such options include: in your name only, as a joint tenant with right of survivorship or if you are married you and your spouse will hold title as tenants by the entirities unless you designate otherwise on the deed.
  • What is the precise spelling of your name? Is there Sr, Jr, etc. following? All documents signed at closing should reflect your name as it will appear on the deed.